Some of; these stores in the Stockyards date from the 20’s and thirties.  Riscky’s, Leddy Boots and Hunter Brothers H3 Ranch Restaurant all have colorful histories.  Leddy’s has ledgers that list all of the owners of their handmade one of kind creations.  You can look up the date and read when it was created by number in on of these books.  Risky’s has been serving visitors for over 60 years.

My entry for “Stories of the City” is a studio rendition of a plein air sketch that I did of Exchange Street early one  morning.  No where else that I know of can you find Taxis one moment and a heard of Longhorn cattle complete with cowboys on horses the next. Forth Worth is proud to preserve it’s heritage, but it is a very busy city with lots of emphasis on are and music - not just western music.  The Bass Hall brings the besst of the best to the west in fine fashion.  I painted one of the stone

angels that adorn the facade of the building.  They are one of my favorite images of Fort Worth!.  There are many sites where historic buildings, architecture and art are combined with contemporary versions of the same.  The skyline of Ft. Worth - coming from the Stockyards south to downtown is one such place.

  One Saturday morning I found a Yoga class beneath the mural of a cattle drive in Sundance Square.  The skyline of Ft. Worth - coming from the Stockyards south to downtown is also such a  place.  One of the wonderful things about Ft Worth is that it has kept the feeling of an intimate community while taking on the trappings of a much larger city. 

I was leaving the Stockyards one late afternoon and discovered that the Main Street was under construction.

The sun was setting and semaphores were noisily clanging as an oil tank train went by.  Because of the construction I could stop and take it all in - which is not possible usually.  The Historic Courthouse was in the foreground and the cities skyscrapers reflected the light behind it.  What a glorious site of a city known for its commerce, history and mystique.