It is all there - the essentials of a great, grand, though intimate garden.  Art, Architecture, Pools, Fountains, Fish, Sunlight, Birds, vines, Trellises, Arbors, seats and of course flora of all kinds.  I do hope ;that someone finds one of these views to their liking. 

I ;haven’t painted many Chandor scenes in the studio, much better to do in on site and enjoy the cool breezes and smell of the flowers.  Time was of the essence so I painted from other sketches that I had done on site.

It is a great place for weddings and celebrations of any kind.  I have painted there in the winter and at Christmas time.  There are garlands and swags to celebrate to season.  Every season brings something different.  Last winter they lost a huge tree in the middle of the garden in fromt of Douglas’ Chandors home.  It was replaced , but will take many years to grow to the fine umbrella like original.

Many of the fountains are tine works of art with marbles set in cement and a Buddah statue in a a

cubby hole painted turquoise - I think that was his favorite color as it is everywhere in the garden.  A Foo Dog pair and some decorative bricks make another water feature.  The Walkways have words and numbers spelled out with bricks, tiles and stones.  Stepping stones allow you to cross ponds and wander from garden room to garden room.  Truly a work of art to make a work of art from!