Last but not least was this drawing to the left.  I really had a great time.  No beating the clock for a pose that was too short etc.  The Mannequins just stood and sat there for 2 hours while I worked on my drawings until I was finished with them.  We have had classes where the models would move from one pose to another and we were supposed to draw them as they moved.  But I just tried to focus on the position that seemed to be the one that the student used the most.

Quite different from a nude modeling class but none the less a good exercise that I don’t often do except at the symphony.  There I do tiny sketches in a moleskin sketch book.  Usually I can to 2 or 4 in the course of a preformance.  These being 18” x 24” took longer but involved the same goal to catch the characteristic gesture of the person.  Good evenings experience.

Surveying my classmates i decided that they were much more interesting than the Mannequins.  First was Suzanne Kelly Clark.  She has great curly snow white hair and beautiful hands!  She was moving around but not so quickly that I couldn’t enjoy an attempt to draw her.

Next was a new kid in the class.  He was a little more animated - one hand up and one down etc.  So I just jest a little pintimente and drew his some of his arms in different poses.  I liked the one up the best.  Guess I could erase the one on his knee but OI kione of liked them both