We stopped in the town of Auxerre just south of Paris on our way back from Beaune.  This wonderful little town has a marvelous clock tower and lost of Fachwork buildings.  The red and creme one at the end of the street was one of the best.  The town had the unusual  collection of brightly painted statues of ordinary people doing ordinary things.  At the bottom left is a gray haired Madam with an umbrella and a basket of flowers.  There were parsons, children etc.  each on a pedestal and meticulously painted. 

Just for fun i tried an to depict alleyway.  What i liked in the photo was the contrast of the shadows.  There was not much interest in the shadow and I should have just left it a a shadow, but it was a great deal of the painting so I tried to put in a mother and child.  I need much work on painting people into paintings.  Auxerre’s people painting was more successful. I love all the pipes, sighs. loose cords, window shades, stuff in the windows etc that you fins in windows in Europe. 

Above “First Cup O’Joe: a couple enjoying the early morning ritual of France. It is an special treat often with a sweet pastry of some sort of a Bagguette with butter and Jam.  The cane chairs were everywhere on this trip.  Comfy and convenient for watching the visitors streaming by on the sidewalks.  Cafes are every few feet in some districts and offer a chance to just cill out and enjoy the sunshine. 

Still more to come