It picks up where this one ends 2020.

Please visit for current painting excursions and art work.

In 2001 my husband and I bought a small 
trailer for traveling to places of interest. The 
idea was that I would paint and he would read. We have since put many miles on our little “Casita”. I have found a wealth of paintable territory within 400 miles of Dallas, painting mostly in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.  We have roamed as far as Utah, Arkansas and occasionally abandoned the
Casita for Italy, France and Greece. 

When not in the Casita I paint from sketches and photos and spend many hours in life drawing sessions.  I almost feel embarrassed when the same models show up at class 
after class all over town and find me there,
yet again, but I’m not.

The discovery of Bruce Klein’s blog detailing his quest for the ideal life drawing class along with his great book suggestions gave me the idea that others might like to hear about what, when and why I paint and draw.  I hope you find here something of interest and inspiration. 

Thanks Bruce!
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